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Hit in the world – floors of naturally shaped wood

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With the help of modern technology, designers and other creative people can produce whatever comes to mind, but the natural materials are still on price.


Whether you are talking about pieces of furniture, decoration or the appearance of a home environment, the magic of nature remains something that cannot be (easily) reproduced and mass-produced. Her beauty is unquestionable and incomparable with anything that is mass-produced and created on the computer. Each piece of that nature creates a unique and very valuable, and therefore quite popular.

Although it is used for flooring factory made boards, which are all similar to one another, under of naturally shaped wood became a real hit in the world. When you look closely, you’ll understand why. Factory made wood floors can have an unusual appearance, but the curves that are naturally occurring processes are unique. Length of wood that was used to create this floor, following the line of its growth and development, and thus creates a unique effect in one room, which is a pity to cover any type of carpet.

Bolefloor is one of the companies engaged in the production of this type of wood floor. Their technology uses more material than one timber, thus reducing the negative impact that mankind has on nature. Each of their board is unique, just as every tree in the forest. Floors that they offer may be made of oak, chestnut, walnut, cherry or maple. The philosophy of the company says that life is not a straight line, so why should your floor had to be like this?

Look at their spectacular designs on their own responsibility – are likely to make you immediately thinking about renovating the home, which will after this process get unprecedented beauty, which will delight all your visitors and awaken in him a strong curiosity.


Tips and Tricks for Reconstruction your flooring

Whether you simply need to replace your wood floor refinishing, or you discover that the old parquet “hiding” under the even older carpets, you can restore the appearance and beauty of the floor as if everything was new.

Content Open

Assessment of the status of your parquet

Before you do anything, you must determine the condition of your flooring and its finish. Knowing the age and thickness of the original hard floorboards, how many times has brushed the floor, and the products that are applied for finishing the floor, help you decide how to remove it at and how it should be completed. Error can cost you dearly, so if you’re not sure, it is a little research and find out all possible available detailed data. At the same time, one should take into account the areas of concern that require a bit more often prepare a renovation of the floor.


5 sofas to get better look of your interior

Posted by on 3:25 pm in Interior Design | Comments Off on 5 sofas to get better look of your interior

Whether you’re professional Pasadena interior designers, or you are simply intrigued by the variety of sofas that exist, this article will offer you the opportunity to learn more. These styles have won passage of time and can be found in homes today.


  1. Chesterfield SOFA

Designed in the 18th century, the Chesterfield sofa has an interesting story behind it. The fourth Duke of Chesterfield, people say that he was the first who was specially commissioned handmade piece of furniture that will allow people to sit comfortably upright, and does not bend without clothes.

Chesterfield has become a symbol of noble sophistication and has not lost its peculiar charm. This style is defined using the leather, rounded armrests, and backrest of the same height.

  1. Cabriole SOFA

Some say that nothing symbolizes the furniture of the 18th century as the legs with rounded style. Its upper part which is wrong on the outside and bottom part, winding inward in a gentle S shape, this type of foot is connected with the period of Louis XV.

This style of furniture is characterized by an open wooden frame (often slanted) ,and slightly lower  armrests of the tail. Other features include a continuous line and a padded back without cushions.


  1. Camilla SOFA

This style of sofas is associated with London creator of racks and furniture designer Thomas Chippendale, whose name has a strong influence on English interior design in the later years of the 18th century. Rights Camilla back sofa has arc-shaped backrest with the highest point in the middle and slightly bent ends.

Other features of this sofa include curved or straight armrests, upholstered are open legs and usually without dorsal cushion. We like how sofas in this style create a warm and hospitable environment.


  1. Lawson SOFA

The fourth type of sofas on our list is dedicated to Thomas V. Lawson, American businessman and author, who constructed model furniture for comfort. First Lawson sofa in history appeared with padded back, covered with pillows.

Today Lawson sofa cushions can be recognized by the dorsal which has 3 pieces and armrests lower than your back (slightly curved or cube), but you can expect to meet a lot of variation in the market. You can find different models with the final touches of textile and leather and ornaments of metal and wood.


  1. Tuxedo SOFA

Borrowing its name from the town of Tuxedo Park in upstate New York, Tuxedo sofa is considered a mark of modernity twenties of the last century. The style is defined armrests that are the same height as the backrest inspiring glamor and elegance.

The first version of this sofa is filled out with one row and discovered trestle. Pillows come as an option, especially with the sofa with high armrests.

If you want to improve your interior you can’t ignore these five pieces. Depending on a style of your interior you should definitely choose one of these five mentioned above.

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